Why is the University of Wisconsin – Extension offering this center for business intelligence to businesses and EDOs?

We think this is the perfect role for Higher Education in the economic development process. Delivering information resources at the speed of business by managing complex, expensive and large databases, and deploying expert business intelligence services to help business owners and economic developers make better decisions.

Who participates?

Services and resources are available to all aspiring business owners and existing Wisconsin based businesses with less than 150 employees. Services and referrals are also available to all UW System Institutions, municipal and regional level EDO’s, and other business development/business membership organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin. CBI will also refer businesses and business development organizations to other service providers and institutions inside our statewide network for access to similar or more appropriate services and assistance.

Is the focus only on second-stage companies?

The Business Intelligence Team (standard) version is built and designed to work specifically with Second-stage Companies, those with 10-99 employees and an aptitude and attitude for growth.  The a la carte (custom) version of the business intelligence team could be deployed for early stage companies and for EDO’s wanting more specifics to help existing or potential clients. Beyond the business intelligence team services CBI resources are available to all of those listed in the “Who participates” question above.

How much does it cost?

We are still in the process of building these programs, training the team, and acquiring many of the data resources needed. The Business Intelligence Team – Standard version has a total cost of $4200 dollars, but that cost is discounted substantially as we continue to train our team and provide matching dollars for early adopting companies and EDO’s. Our goal is to make as many of the other services free or at a substantial discount depending on our cost and licensing arrangements. As you inquire about the different services and resources available with CBI please check with the program manager Jessica.nelson@uwex.edu for up-to-date pricing information.

How can EDOs get involved?

Onsite workshops, pilot programs and demonstration services are all available to help you learn about the Center for Business Intelligence. The point for us is that business performance and company value are best served in combination with organizations that have local connections and relationships. Investing in high-end tools and resources at the state level that are deployed at the local level leverages funding and expertise for Wisconsin businesses. Please contact us to determine how we might work together.

Who is on the Wisconsin Business Intelligence Team?

The Wisconsin team is made up of private sector business owners working as independent contractors and selected based on their experience and expertise in the specialty areas needed for the team roles. All team members are certified in a technique developed by the National Center for Economic Gardening at the Edward Lowe Foundation in Michigan. See team member bios.

What kind of business intelligence tools does the team use?

Team members utilize a wide variety of tools and techniques to help business owners work on their companies strategically from many different vantage points. They are trained to incorporate their specialized skills in market research, digital marketing and geographical information systems (GIS), while working as a team for the business owner client. The team is careful to not assume the role of consultant but instead operate as “staff” working at the direction the business owner to help answer important business questions they have developed together.