Delivered at the Speed of Business

The Business Intelligence Team (BIT) technique is different from traditional business assistance programs in that second-stage companies need to be engaged in real time as they are on the move. These companies won’t typically sit still long enough to enter into a lengthy assessment of their business, operation or financial plans. The time to engage and influence them is short. The BIT technique is designed to intercept them briefly, efficiently, and on the go, to gain a better understanding of the critical issues currently at play. Those critical issues are often the symptoms of key growing pains or uncovered opportunities that may be going unnoticed because of the pace of normal business activity.

Delivering at the speed of business refers to getting the businesses attention with a combination of speed and insight. Speed in terms of the ease of the overall engagement and the fast turnaround needed to identify those key issues. And insight as it relates to the quality of the tools and business relevance of the information provided. Each engagement moves quickly with a combination of on-site, on the phone, and online interactions, all designed for easy access by the business owner and their key executive team.

The development of both the team and the process that can deliver this speed and insight is what truly defines separates this model from other business assistance programs. The National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG) hosted by the Edward Lowe Foundation, now deploys this model virtually via a national network of talented and certified professionals.

Each engagement by the Business Intelligence Team with a company is unique and does not follow a set pattern. The team must “catch up” with the business owner in terms of company, product, and industry knowledge before applying their expertise to the specific needs that have been revealed.