Case Studies

Sample cases from team engagements across the U.S.


Automotive manufacturing company

Wanted: Explore new market sectors


  • Potential customers in various new markets along with the specific risks for each and potential competitors.
  • Website evaluation pointing out how the content could better portray the true value of the company and how they are different from their competitors.

Outcomes: Picked up new customer that added $500,000 in revenue with a single project. Will increase revenue and workforce over 5 years following assistance.

Direct quote:

“Now we’re information rich. If we had to compile that data on our own, it would have taken years. What’s more, some of the research specialists had hands-on experience with industries we wanted to pursue and were able to provide valuable insights.”

“The engagement helped us think more strategically — who we are and where we want to go. The research team helped us tell our story differently on our website and gave us tools that made us more attractive to people who might have considered us a mom-and-pop company. We no longer look mom-and-poppy on our website.”



Battery Manufacturer

Wanted: To improve the company’s brand recognition throughout existing and potential new markets. 

Delivered: Information on social media campaigns, strategic trade shows they didn’t know about 

Outcomes: From the trade show, landed a new customer that increased annual revenue by 30 percent and created four new jobs, also expanded company footprint into Europe.

Direct quote:

“If we had hired consultants to accomplish what the research team did, it would have been very expensive — and results wouldn’t have happened as quickly. Economic Gardening gives you access to high-level researchers and the compressed time frame helps you get the ball moving quickly.”



Artisan Food company

Wanted: Insights into customer demographics and store performance


  • GIS heat map showing per capita income and population density within a three mile radius of each of the eight retails stores
  • The company was provided with website analysis and information on maximizing google analytics data to better understand web traffic


  • Closed a location that was cannibalizing the stronger store and used information to plan new locations
  • They also implemented a social media strategy based on the information provided by the team

The company believes the biggest takeaway from the Economic Gardening engagement was having the research team challenge her to think more strategically and look at where she wants to be in the future. Since then she’s developed a formal vision statement, along with seven core values, to communicate that big picture to employees.

Direct quote:

“It was a great
experience, and we learned a lot. As a
second-stage company, you’re responsible for a lot of
jobs and customers. You need to make decisions with better information — and that’s what we got.”