About Us

This program represents an important partnership between education, business and economic development. It starts with the training for the private sector companies making up these teams – combining their individual skills and expertise into the perfect tool for growing companies. It ends with the learning experienced by the business owner as they look inside their company like never before. And in between – powerful information is exchanged and shared leading to better decisions and opportunities revealed!

This program is specifically designed for companies to explore new strategies and gain access to information that might help them with decisions about new markets, product development, or other opportunities they may have been considering but just needed some help thinking through. While we are in the early stages of bringing this program to Wisconsin, we are familiar with a specific technique that has been very successful for companies in other states. To learn more about how this program has enjoyed success for participating companies in other states, visit http://edwardlowe.org/eg/economic-gardening-case-study-archive We’ve implemented this program because it is believed that second-stage companies are very important players in our economy, and while we tend to focus on job creation as the end goal, we realize that a business owners goals are more aligned with increased sales, market share, new product development, and better decisions.

We believe that by leveraging the business owners industry and company expertise with access to tools and information they may not normally have access to, we can help them make decisions that might lead to growth on their terms.