The Center for Business Intelligence is a business unit within the Division for Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Extension. We are headquartered in Madison but work all across the state with local business and economic development organizations.

The Division for Business and Entrepreneurship connects with UW System institutions, local economic development organizations and business owners to provide education and information services focused on business creation, growth and performance. The division has a collection of programs, and business assistance units designed to complement and support local and regional efforts to serve business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. We work exclusively with businesses that are sponsored by local or regional economic development organizations. By sponsored we mean simply that they are referred to us by the local organization, or in some cases we introduce a business back to the local organization. The point for us is that business performance and company value are best served in combination with organizations that have local connections and relationships. Investing in high-end tools and resources at the state level that are deployed at the local level leverages funding and expertise for Wisconsin businesses.

We consider “Business Intelligence” the collection and analysis of strategic business and market information used to help business owners and economic development organizations improve decision-making and detect business opportunities. The Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) was created to convert the power of data, research, and technology into decision making tools. This specialized business owner education service represents a new role for higher education – to provide technical assistance in collaboration with local resources and a “just in time” educational experience for new and existing businesses.